Pain Management

It is pretty standard procedure for doctors to prescribe opiate pain pills to those who have undergone surgery or who have chronic pain caused by trauma from something like a car accident. These pills work well relieving pain in the short term, but the long term effects are far more problematic. Somebody who uses pain killers over a long period of time will find that their body starts to develop a tolerance to the drug, meaning it takes a larger dosage to feel the effects. Ingesting opiates in large doses has substantial adverse effects on your health and could result in overdose and even death.

Convincing an opiate addict to get help for their substance abuse can be hard because they see the pills as helpful medicine, not harmful narcotics. Many are fearful that the second they stop taking the pills, their pain will come rushing back worse than before. In order to help someone detox from pain pills, you must first find a way for them to manage their pain without the need for prescription drugs. There are tons of different ways to manage pain and the dedicated therapists at Alcohol Treatment Lorain are ready and willing to help you find the way that works best for you.

Call or come by Alcohol Treatment Lorain today for more information about the benefits of a treatment center for addiction recovery. Alcohol Treatment Lorain specializes in pain management and substance abuse recovery. Those who have attempted to quit in the past but could not should consider getting professional help right away. Long term prescription opiate abuse will destroy your health, your career and your personal relationships. Get the help you need at Alcohol Treatment Lorain to ensure your life gets turned around.


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